Using the aXc blockchain to improve TRUST & CONVENIENCE in the automotive market

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The global pre-owned car market is projected to reach



used cars sold annually



in used car transactions annually



in auto loans outstanding

industry & problem


Unreliable middlemen

Opaque car history

Inefficient sourcing

Bureaucratic financing

Restrictive payment options

autoXchange Ecosystem & Marketplace

Through autoXchange a buyer can select a car, make an offer, source finance, and make payment. Completing all these steps in under two minutes!

Private sellers & dealers carry out the entire sales process easily on their own. There are no listing costs, and autoXchange will not charge transaction or commission fees.

For each vehicle listed on autoXchange, a smart contract keys the car information based on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), with all vehicle history and future information then being added to this entry on the blockchain.

To complement our free retail marketplace, autoXchange provides a B2B portal for registered businesses that pay a subscription fee. This portal enables efficient sourcing between dealers, provides quick access to vehicle records, and the ability to transact with other dealers through escrow smart contracts to demonstrate ‘proof of funds’ before a vehicle is shipped.

When any retail or trade buyer wants to make a purchase, they can apply for instant financing through autoXchange. Our smart credit scoring system assesses the application in near real-time and automated smart contracts facilitate the approved loan.

Once a buyer has deposited their full funds (in crypto/Fiat) or received their loan from autoXchange, they can make real-time payment to the seller. Every transaction is executed on the blockchain using the aXc token.





How it works

autoXchange allows you to buy a vehicle in 3 easy steps:


Search for the car you want, adding filters to customize your search i.e. for brand, model, year, mileage, currency type (Fiat/Crypto), and distance from your location.


Once you have selected the car you are interested in, you will be able to contact the seller and review their seller rating.


When you have opted to buy, you can make an offer, source financing and make payment within the app in under 2 minutes.

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The decentralized aXc ledger is the engine that regulates all transactions and relationships between all entities. Using an Enterprise focused version of Ethereum, the aXc ledger is able to extend the public Ethereum protocol to provide high transaction speeds, high throughput, private contracts, and improved performance.

The aXc blockchain uses a Raft consensus which provides an advantage over proof of work in that, firstly, it works much faster, and secondly, you do not need to pay a commission to the miner for each transaction, and most importantly there are no vulnerabilities in this consensus.

Built as an open framework the aXc blockchain will be free to use by any third party marketplace or app developer. This will enable market adoption with the intention to make the aXc blockchain a shared resource for the whole automotive industry.

Shared Database

Provides significant benefits to companies that connect to the aXc ledger by providing a shared resource that improves operational efficiencies for vehicle fact checking.

Decentralised Dealership

The aXc ledger improves trust between dealers by enabling proof of funds, real-time transactions, and providing access to commercial loans to increase inventory.

The industry is going through a much needed Henry Ford moment. Using blockchain functionality, autoXchange is removing costly middlemen, inefficient processes and enabling dealers to provide a much better customer experience.

David Murray-Hundley

Automotive Tech Investor

NED Brabham Global Ltd

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Project Timelines & Description

Q2 2018

UK registered business

Community development

autoXchange Product development begins

Q3 2018

Marketing commences

Partner marketing

Q4 2018

autoXchange strategic partner program launched

Q1 2019

launch autoXchange merchant program

aXc hackathons globally

aXc exchange listings

Q2 2019 beta release

Beta release of financing marketplace in select markets

Establish regional presence and multilingual support

Q3 2019

aXc p2p financing on released in select markets enforced by legally binding smart contracts

Marketing campaign for aXc propagation and aXc awareness

Q4 2019

Target 2million cars listed on autoXchange & aXc ledger

autoXchange Fund 1 launch


Expansion activities in core markets

autoXchange Fund 2 launched



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